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Milking Prostate: What Does it Mean?

June 25th, 2010Posted by admin

In the past couple years the idea of milking prostate glands has begun to become a lot more popular, but a lot of men still don’t really understand what “milking prostate” even means. The only thing that most guys know about the prostate gland is that you can get cancer and other diseases there, but there’s a lot more to this little sac than just being a center for disease. The prostate plays a few important roles in normal sexual function, most importantly the production some of the fluid that makes up our semen. It also happens to be a pretty sensitive erogenous zone, and milking prostate can actually improve your sex life in a number of ways.

If milking prostate is so good for you, then how come most men do it? And how come so many men just don’t know anything about it? One of the big reasons for this is that a proper milking prostate procedure requires anal penetration. The prostate gland rests up against the rectum and behind the bladder, and while it can be indirectly stimulated from outside, a proper milking has to go far enough in the rectum to really get the desired effect.

This immediately makes a lot of men uncomfortable. They perceive any sort of anal penetration to be a thing that’s only for gay men, and even in these progressive times that can be a major taboo for a straight guy. You can really miss out on a lot if you follow this way of thinking. Better prostate health is nice, but even if there was no risk of that, milking prostate can also lead to an all around better sex life. Keep following this blog and I’ll explain more.